The Role of Public Service Broadcasting in Cyprus During a Time of Austerity

Published in The Cyprus Review – Special Issue, Cyprus and the Financial Crisis, Spring 2014


The primary concern of this paper is to explore the role of public service broadcasting (PSB) and public service media (PSM) in Cyprus.  Following the recent closure of the Greek PSB and current public discussions concerning CYBC in Cyprus regarding changes to its funding model, this paper takes on added relevance.  The paper is divided in two sections.  In the first, it addresses the normative role of PSB.  It also sheds light on the ongoing existential debates regarding PSB in a digital environment.   The second aims to explore the Cypriot audiovisual landscape and CYBC’s role within it, following the EU bailout of the banking sector and during a time of austerity in Cyprus.   The paper draws on a wide range of primary and secondary sources.  It combines long-term historical perspectives, discourse analysis and organisational changes at the CYBC.

Keywords: Public Service Broadcasting, PSB, Public Service Media, PSM, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, CYBC