(musical) love in the time of corona

nick with mask.jpg

we (the whole fucking world that is), have been social distancing at home for about three weeks.

these 20 plus 1 songs just keep popping up in my mind:

1.in a sentimental mood – John Coltrane

sad but also hopeful.

2. the weeping song – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

rowing into an unknown with a mate, embracing the situation.

3.  it’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) – REM

perfect follow up to the weeping song – pump up the volume

4. it seemed the better way – Leonard Cohen

i am fortunate to be with my family but a lot of people are alone.

5. who wants to live forever – Queen

we are living in times when many will succumb to this pandemic.

6. dust in the wind – Kansas

how insignificant life can be

7. karma police – Radiohead

trying to establish social grounds despite our urge for agency…

8. transatlantisism – Death Cab for Cutie

a faith based on global connections.

9. the great gig in the sky – Pink Floyd

why weren’t we ready?  and now the world, like the song, cries.

10. wish you were here – Pink Floyd

wishing we were with those who are not with us.

“And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?”

11. the outsiders – REM

what a fuck up.

12. the last carnival – Bruce Springsteen

sad, like what we are going through.

13. brothers in arms – Dire Straits

in this world war, we are all losing.

14. wind of change – Scorpions

there is no doubt we come out of this changed.

15. dream on – Aerosmith

“The past is gone it went by like dusk to dawn”

…but we all dream on

16. fade to black – Metallica

some days are like this.

17. one – U2

“it’s too late to drag the past up”.

18. pain – The War on Drugs

there’s a comment on this youtube video that says, “this music gives me memories I don’t have”

19. little faith – The National 

it’s for all, out there

20. hollywood – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

if you have not lost someone, go plant a mustard seed

20+1. hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

if your faith is intact, listen to this song.  if it isn’t, listen harder.


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