Media Management and Actionable Knowledge: The Relationship Between Theory and Practice

Volume 18, issue 1 of the Journal of Media Business Studies is a special issue that provides a selection of articles developed from the papers presented at the 2019 European Media Management and Association (emma) conference in Limassol, Cyprus. The conference was organised under the topic of Media Management and Actionable Knowledge: The Relationship Between Theory and Practice with an aim to highlight media management scholarship as a practice-relevant field. I am really proud to be a part of the editorial team of this issue with the amazing Päivi Maijanen, and Stavros Georgiades, and of course to have been a part of the organizing committee with my colleagues and friends Stavros Georgiades and Evi Dekoulou.

The volume consists of the following:

In search of new openings and actionable knowledge: coping with emerging phenomena in the media business

Päivi MaijanenNicholas Nicoli & Stavros Georgiades

Going beyond the hype: conceptualising “media ecosystem” for media management research

Ivana Kostovska,Tim Raats,Karen Donders & Pieter Ballon

Non-journalistic competitors of news media brands on Google and YouTube: From solid competition to a liquid media market

Isabelle Krebs,Philipp Bachmann,Gabriele Siegert,Rafael Schwab & Raphael Willi

How users approach novel media products: brand perception of Netflix and Amazon Prime video as signposts within the German subscription-based video-on-demand market

Vanessa Rahe, Christopher Buschow & Daniela Schlütz

Optimisation approaches and challenges of personnel deployment for movie exhibitors

Jonas Brühl & Joachim Eigler

Here are some personal photos from the conference.