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Nicholas Nicoli (Ph.D., 2010, City, University of London) is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Nicosia.

Nicholas believes in holistic democracies that implement fair, liberal and sound digital, economic, political and social courses of action.  His research focuses on communication policies and strategies with the potential to enrich individuals, organizations and societies.

His initial research sought to deconstruct creativity management policies within public service broadcasters such as the BBC. Thereafter he focused his attention on how entities use digital media to implement strategic communication for the public interest. His current research explores the intersection of communications policy, structural transformations of the public sphere and the public interest.

He is heavily involved in the democratisation of ideas worth sharing and science communication through events such as TEDx, and is or has been a science communicator on various European projects.


Policy options for reforming social media – (forthcoming). 

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