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Nicholas Nicoli, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor at the University of Nicosia’s Department of Communications.

He is the coordinator of the Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing BA programme and an accredited Charter Instructor of Public Relations in Cyprus, Greece and Romania.  Apart from his role as a lecturer and instructor, Nicholas plays an active role in the promotion of creativity, entrepreneurship and democratization of science in Cyprus.  He is the Curator of TEDxUniversity of Nicosia, the Communications Director of  Dro.Me.A Racing and is on the organizing team of  TEDxLimassol and Startup Weekend, Cyprus.

corporate communication, media management, Public service broadcasting / Public service media, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, creative cities, social media, the digitalization of society, sociology of culture

Public service media, Public service broadcasting, creativity, creativity management, communications, communications Cyprus, social media Cyprus, public relations Cyprus, corporate communication Cyprus, innovation Cyprus, entrepreneurship Cyprus, TEDx Cyprus, Startup Cyprus, communication



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